One of my favorite events each year is the LA Art Book Fair put on by Printed Matter. These photos are from Thursday's opening night, and the final day on Sunday. The number on the title photo (as well as on the opening day ticket) is that of the lead that Hillary Clinton had on Donald Trump according to the popular vote. It is always overwhelming the amount of creativity and inspiration one gets from one of these events. Some notable booths for me include ones by Braindead, Deadbeat Club, Hamburger Eyes, Teen Angel, Applesauce Inc, and Big Love Records. (the color photos were processed by The Fotomat (Slow Culture/Deadbeat Club) pop up installation.

camera:  Leica M6 / 35mm Summicron v4

film:        Kodak Portra 400 (+1) / Kodak Tri-X 400 (+2)